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Mari Sunna: Breeze from Finland 2009年 1月 29日

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Mari Sunna - Flash  Oil on board 50x89cm

Flash, 2006
Oil on board, 50x89cm

Mari Sunna - Vanished  Oil on board 33x29cm

Vanished, 2004
Oil on board, 33x29cm

Mari Sunna - Mother's Dream  Inkwash on paper 22x17.5cm

Mother’s Dream, 2004
Inkwash on paper, 22×17.5cm

Mari Sunna - Now a knot knows not  Oil on board 51x51cm

Now a knot knows not, 2003
Oil on board, 51x51cm

Mari Sunna - Beauty Is Only The First Touch Of Terror  Oil on board 98x122cm

Beauty Is Only The First Touch Of Terror, 2003
Oil on board, 98x122cm

Mari Sunna - Audition  Inkwash on paper 40x30cm

Audition, 2001
Inkwash on paper, 40x30cm

Mari Sunna - Hat Man  Oil on board 69x60cm

Hat Man, 2001
Oil on board, 69x60cm

Mari Sunna - Not A Knot  Oil on board 89x50cm

Not A Knot, 2001
Oil on board, 89x50cm

Mari Sunna - Pass  Oil on board 70x58cm

Pass, 2001
Oil on board, 70x58cm

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